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V1 Division

V-1 Division

     The V-1 Division was made up of catapult and arresting gear crews also flight deck plane handlers, Aviation Boatswain Mate 2nd Class Thomas L. Wilson is third row from the front 13th from the left Aviation Machinist Mate 2nd Class Bill Wright is in back row 13th from left.

Captain's Inspection

Captains Inspection

Captain Robert W. Morse U.S.N.

Lead inspecting officer

PFC Joe Diehl
Ordinance Mechanic,
PFC Joseph E. Diehl USMC

Aviation Boatswains Mate
Alexander Reid

TBM taking off

TBM torpedo bomber taking off

TBM Landing

TBM Torpedo Bomber landing

Barrier cables are raised for plane landing

Howard L Seiss Captain USMC

Howard L. Seiss,
Captain US Marine Corp

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