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Ted Ireland

Ted Ireland

Seal of the state of Delaware

State of Delaware Seal

      Ted has been making decorative and general carvings as a hobby for over 30 years. Initally self-taught, he was introduced to marine carving in 1997 when he began volunteering his time as a carver on the Kalmar Nyckel shipbuilding project.Ted completed many of the ship's functional and decorative carvings on this 17th century replica ship.
Bitts from the Kalmar nyckel
      He has fashioned trail and name boards for various small wooden vessels and historic vessels such as the PORT PENNER a Delaware bay Sailing Shad skiff as well as the figurehead for the KATHRYN M LEE working Oyster schooner.
      Ted's work ranges from decorative song and game birds to large marine pieces. Ted lives and works in Delaware and can be reached via e-mail at:
or at

name board figurehead



  Wood Carvings
Ted Ireland


This 18" mahogany angel is mounted at the center of the Kalmar Nyckel's transom name board. The model for this piece is Ted's granddaughter, Kristine.

Starboard Eagle

Kalmar Nyckel's starboard stern gallery knee. This eagle carrying a fish in its talons measures 4' long x 18" wide x 3' deep and was carved from a single Douglas fir timber. It represents about 2 weeks work.

Eagle Model

This Douglas fir eagle head served as a model for a similar piece carved as the figurehead for the working Chesapeake Bay oyster schooner Kathryn M. Lee of Baltimore, MD.

Ted at Work

Working on the Kalmar Nyckel's port stern gallery knee, a pelican with a fish in its beak. Like its mate, the starboard eagle, the pelican is carved out of Douglas fir and measures 4'x 18"x 3'.

Captain's Settee

Captain's settee on the Kalmar Nyckel. Carved from a single 3" thick mahogany plank, the 6' long, 2' high settee back is patterned after carvings found on the 17th century Swedish warship Vasa . The design reflects the Kalmar Nyckel's Swedish and American ties with two Vasa style griffins holding the State of Delaware Seal supported by crossed Swedish and American keys overarched by a carved rope boarder.

Wilmington Seal

Seal of the city of Wilmington, Delaware, present day site of the 1638 landing of the original Kalmar Nyckel. Carved in mahogany as a keystone over a port side arched door on the"new" Kalmar Nyckel

Kalmar Seal

Seal of the city of Kalmar, Sweden, port city of origin for the original Kalmar Nyckel's four round trips to New Sweden in the Delaware Valley. Carved in mahogany as a keystone over a starboard side arched door on the "new" Kalmar Nyckel.
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