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The following pages feature photographs from Tall Ships 2000 and Opsail 2000 events in Norfolk, Baltimore, Miami, Wilmington, New York and Boston.

Coming soon more photographs and my trip aboard America's Tall Ship United States Coast Guard Barque EAGLE from Miami to Norfolk.

So check back in at our Tall Ships pages to see more.

Link to the official websites of many of the vessels shown here with just a click on the vessel's photograph or name.
Opsail 2000
Miami I
Figureheads 1 Opsail 2000
New York III
Opsail 2000
Miami II
Figureheads 2 Opsail 2000
New York IV
Opsail 2000
Virginia I
  Opsail 2000
New York V
Opsail 2000
Virginia II
  Opsail 2000
New York VI
Opsail 2000
Baltimore I
  Opsail 2000
New York VII
Opsail 2000
Baltimore II
Opsail 2000
New York VIII
Opsail 2000
Baltimore III
Sail Boston I
Tall Ships
Delaware I
Sail Boston II
Tall Ships
Delaware II
Sail Boston III
Tall Ships
Delaware III
Sail Boston IV
Tall Ships
Delaware IV

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Sail Boston V
Opsail 2000
New York I
Sail Boston VI
Opsail 2000
New York II
Photos By Ceit
Sail Boston VII

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