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Schooner SULTANA
Schooner SULTANA

Schooner SULTANA

Great Chesapeake Bay Race 2001

     SULTANA is an accurate reproduction of the original 1767 vessel, though she is not an exact replica. Modern construction techniques were employed to build the new vessel and certain changes have been made to the design to ensure that the new vessel will conform to modern USCG safety regulations for passenger vessels. The design for the new SULTANA was taken directly from survey plans recorded by the Royal Navy on June 21, 1768. The lines of the reproduction are exactly the same as the original. The reconstruction of the SULTANA was a two and one half year process which began in October of 1998 and will be completed by the commissioning on July 4, 2001.

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Vessel Specifications

Length Overall 97 feet
Length on Deck 53 feet
Maximum Beam 17 feet
Maximum Draft 7 feet 10 inches
Rig Height off Water 68 feet
Gross Tonnage 50 tons
Displacement 155,000 lbs.
Masts 2
Yards 4
Total Sails 9
Keel White Oak
Framing & Ribs Osage Orange
Decks & Spars Douglas Fir
Knees Larch
Planking White Oak, White Cedar
Fastening Bronze, Trunnels
Auxiliary Power Single Screw Diesel Engine
Total Passengers 44 persons
Overnight Passengers 17 persons
Historic Crew 25 persons
Modern Crew 4 to 6 persons
USCG Certification Chapter T
Certified Waters Lakes, Bays, & Sounds
Home Port Chestertown, Maryland
Home Waters Chesapeake Bay
Total Construction Costs $1.3 million

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